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The realm of digital assets and blockchain technology harbors risks, including phishing and losing access to private keys, which, if not addressed properly, can lead to loss of assets.

Digital Asset Theft
In 2020, over $100 million worth of digital assets was stolen from individual users, with the most common type of attack being phishing and social engineering scams.
The Cost of Lost Keys
Around 7.8 million BTC, or 30% of Bitcoin's supply, have been irretrievably lost due to people losing their private keys or sending their Bitcoin to the wrong address.

Our Solution

Our Wallet Set-Up service offers a solution for individuals and businesses looking to establish a secure and efficient presence on the blockchain. By guiding users through the process of creating and managing their digital wallets, we empower them to harness the benefits of blockchain technology while minimising the associated risks. Our comprehensive approach includes educating clients on the advantages of blockchain-based storage, providing insights into risk management strategies, and offering hands-on support for navigating wallet functionality. With our expertise and guidance, clients can confidently embrace the world of digital finance. 

Why Do I Need My Own (Cold) Wallet?

Control Over Private Keys

Cold wallets allow users to have full control over their private keys, which are essential for accessing and managing their digital assets. By keeping the private keys offline, users can prevent them from being compromised or stolen. 

Protection Against Exchange Failures

Storing digital assets in a cold wallet mitigates the risk of losing funds in the event of exchange hacks, bankruptcies, or technical issues. Users have direct control over their assets, independent of third-party platforms

Protection Against Online Threats

Since cold wallets are not accessible online, they are immune to online threats such as phishing attacks, malware, and hacking attempts that often target hot wallets and online exchanges. 

Enhanced Security

Cold wallets are offline storage devices or methods, meaning they are not connected to the internet. This isolation significantly reduces the risk of hacking or unauthorized access compared to hot wallets, which are connected to the internet and are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

With our expertise and guidance, you can confidently embrace the world of Digital Finance

Contact us today to secure your digital presence and unlock the full potential of Digital Finance. 


What is Wallet Set-Up?

Wallet Set-Up is a service designed to help individuals and businesses establish secure and efficient digital wallets for managing their digital assets. We guide users through the process of creating and managing their wallets, ensuring they have the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the world of digital finance safely.

Why do I need my own wallet (cold wallet)?

Having your own wallet, particularly a cold wallet, is essential for maintaining full control over your private keys and digital assets. Cold wallets, which are offline storage devices or methods, offer enhanced security compared to hot wallets, reducing the risk of hacking or unauthorized access.

I want to set up my wallet, how do I get started?

Getting started with Wallet Set-Up is simple. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and we’ll guide you through the process step by step. Whether you’re new to digital finance or looking to enhance your security measures, we’re here to help you get set up and stay safe in the digital world.

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